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Vee from the beginning of her appearance is exposed to be extremely manipulative and a bully. She uses these qualities to get whatever she desires and does not care who she has to sacrifice or what she has to do to get what she wants.

Red is always seen as a leader, she enjoys being in charge and having people to boss around. As soon as she loses her ‘girls’ she is seen to be extremely vulnerable and doesn’t see much point in her prison life without them.

Red knows that a boss is not a boss without her workers however Vee knows that she can only trust herself so she is the only person she should be looking after.

Vee is contrasted with Red although they share very similar qualities in their enjoyment of leadership. They both see the importance of having a ‘family’ and keeping this family close, and although they both gain love from their respective families in the same way (through the acquirement of contraband.)

The contrast is that Vee only ever cared about making sure she was better of and used her ‘family’ to get into a position of power. However when members of her family proved to not be useful to her anymore she got rid of them. Whereas Red had nothing but love for her family and knew that she could not survive without them. She will anything to keep her family and Vee will do anything to keep the most convenient family for her.

Another interesting point of contrast is Red’s refusal to associate with drugs and Vee’s drug business. Red knows the dangers and detrimental affects of them so makes it clear that she will not put up with any drug related activities. Although she is reluctant in hurting one of her girls, she sticks to her rules and lets go two of her girls when they are using drugs but Red always offers them forgiveness if they become clean. Vee on the other hand operates a drug business within the prison and this may be the cause of the animosity between the two characters in the first place.

They also clash over being the prominent figure of the prison with Vee using her bully tactics, intimidation, and manipulation and Red using strategic schemes to fight for the top contraband business. On a few occasions Vee offers to join Red and share the position but her true intentions are to double cross her, steal her methods, and come out on top.

Overall, these characters (along with all the characters on the show) are extremely interesting individuals. The rivalry between the characters is the cause of a majority of the drama in season 2 of the show and is very interesting to watch. Vee and Red are very similar in character but how they go about running their businesses and treating their families is the striking feature that sets them apart.

A character analysis of Vee and Red from Orange is the New Black

(feel free to message me if you have any differing opinions or if you think I’ve miss-analysed these characters so I can edit this) xx

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